Our company repairs PLC, Operator Panels and Drivers(ac, dc, servo). We have a test system to test materials after repairing. So, our customers do not waste their time if it is not mended.
Repairing Process
   - We test the productions completely and we detect if the production has other problems.
   - We send you an offer about the cost of repairing.
   - We repair the production after you approve the offer.
   - We start to repair as soon as the approval receives to us.
   - We test the production after repairing
   - We paste a "TESTED" ticket on the production after reparing.
   - If we can not repair the production we request nothing.
   - The materials that we mended have 1 month guarantee.
   - All equipments for repairing have been stocked, so we repair fastly as soon as we can.