Battery Changing

PLC, OP Panels Battery Changing-Sales
When you have a problem on your operator panels or PLCs you can call us any time. Our service number is 0541 603 95 64. We help you as soon as we can.
Most of the old systems and some new systems keeps the program in their batteries. Some PLCs have eprom-flash, so it is possible to load the program again when the battery has ran out but  all settings and parameters returns to factory settings.
The battery is so important for the PLCs that has a RAM but has not got a eprom-flash. All settings may be broke down in the first power cut. It is so difficult to load the program again in PLC because you need a special cable, special software and an expert serviceman. Therefore, you must change your batteries in every 2 years and you must take a note of the date that battery has changed. 
You can request labels for these notes from us and you can paste them on the batteries. They are free
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