Siemens OP170
We are repairing Siemens OP170 series operator panels as guaranteed. . We are making all tests to the PLC card which have mended, then we send it to you. In this way, our customers do not waste their time if it is not mended . Siemens OP170 series are not producing any more so, if you have a serious problem about the PLC card you can buy a second hand PLC card from us. Our all second hand PLC cards have been refurbished, boxed and have one year guarantee. Siemens OP170 Series which we mend are panels, communication problems, keypad changing and display changing.
Siemens OP170 Serisi Panels which we mend are
OP 170



We also help our customers about ;

Communication problems,

- Touchpad problems,

- Display changing,

-Taking main software from old panel and loading to another same series panel ,

- Converting old panels software to new generation panels