Corporate Trainings

Corporate Training ( Special Training For You )

What Is Corporate Education ?

It is a specific education and it has a specific content. Trainers are just your companies workers. You can determine the education content.

Where Is This Education ?

Education can be at our Maltepe lyceum or you can choose an another place. If you choose an another place,we bring all materials to your lyceum. All educations are applied. We do not use simulation.

How Long Does The Course Take ?

It depends to education content and your choice. Normally it is 6 hours a day but you can determine the beginning-finishing hours. It can be weekdays or weekends.

What Are The Advantages Of Taking The Course In Your Company ?

All of your workers can go to the course at the same time and it does not affect the companie's permanence

You can decrease some costs about education.

Our instructor can examine your system 


What Are Your Corporate Trainings ?

Our all trainings can be converted to corporate training