Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance Agreement
Of machinery or systems, PLC, operator panel expert team of failures, without the concept of time 24/7 Maintenance Services offers Service.
24/7 number is 0541.603.95.64 reach us from the support will be given to you as soon as possible.
If you do all your systems maintenance contract previously reviewed by our team of experts. As a result of this review, a report is presented to you.
  • Systems are available in the program reserves. A copy is given to the customer.
  • Learned ways of working briefly known systems of existing systems failure occurs,
  • Examined the existing backups and hard materials, which are reported on backing materials that pose a risk.
  • All the system's power projects are examined, a copy of which is replicated for our company, it is taken.
  • And safe operation of the system with better optimization and revisions identified in this report shall be notified to the customer.
  • All systems are recorded. According to these records, people fail to intervene in case of failure of our company is ready to solve the problem in a way interfere with the system.

Maintenance agreement can not be the start of the requested service offer for our clients as well as all the services need to be confirmed in writing. We also must comply with the service team to serve at that time. If you are too high in losses due to failure, maintenance agreement with us if you can not want to wait.

  • When a maintenance contract, written confirmation is not expected previously taken on the approval,
  • It also has to guarantee the maintenance of the deal hours. The failure of our company, upon notice given care services within the time stipulated agreement. Hour customer service team to comply with the Agreement are non-customers.
  • Customers who are already backups of all system software maintenance agreement. All the systems studied previously. Are removed from inventory. In this way, our company already obtained all the information about the system and the system is well-known. Thus, solving the time of failure is reduced.